Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped Slots

Catchy music aside, there is a lot to like about Super Pop 2: Double Dipped slots. This game features a 7 by 7 grid that is packed with sugary goodies and free spin symbols. All it takes is a cluster of four or more symbols to win a prize. That cluster can be formed horizontally, vertically, or a mix of both. After a cluster explodes and gives you a prize, new symbols fall into place and can create new winning combinations.

Sugary Candies and Their Value

There are so many candies in Sugar Pop 2 slots. Based on a 50 credit bet, the pink candies pay 4x or 6x for each candy in the winning cluster. Orange candies and yellow candies pay 8x and 10x. Green and blue pay 12x and 15x. The red hearts are worth the most at 20x each.

In addition to those candies, there are wilds. You'll notice them because it's a colorless candy on a colorful background. It replaces the other symbols to help form bigger winning combinations.

You get a prize with a cluster of at least four symbols. If you get a winning cluster five times or more in a row, they'll form a bomb. This bomb waits until all winning combinations have left the board and then it explodes and takes symbols with it. You get a cash prize. You can also click “Double Up” after a win and try to double your prize by correctly choosing heads or tails.

Leveling Up and the Level Up Symbol

As you fill the meter on the right, you'll work your way to the next level. Each level has a new candy symbol. You get a cash prize for finishing a level.

The game also has a Level Up symbol that looks like an arrow. It helps you advance to the next level more quickly. It works like this:

  • Level 1 – 4 arrows help you level up
  • Level 2 – 6 arrows help you level up
  • Level 3 – 8 arrows help you level up
  • Level 4 – 10 arrows help you level up
  • Level 5 – 12 arrows help you level up
  • Level 6 – 14 arrows help you level up

Each level requires two additional symbols to help you reach the next level.

Watch Special Candies Get Added to the Board When You Level Up

Many of the levels have special candies that lead to bigger prizes. On the first level, you get a gumdrop. It sucks up all other candies that match its color. The empty spaces are filled up with new cascading candies. Level 5 has a caramel that moves around the game board and destroys candies in its path. Those empty spaces fill up just as they do in level 1.

In level 9, you have a candy cane that explodes and removes all candies in the corresponding row and column. Reach level 13 and get a lollipop that shuffles the symbols around. In level 17, you get Pop Rocks that land on other candies and make them explode.

The next special candy comes at level 21. The Jelly Bean Cannon travels down the board and destroys candies it passes. Level 25 has the golden wild that turns into adjacent candies to create bigger clusters. Level 27 is the Sweet Hammer that hits the grid up to nine times and destroys candies that it hits.

How Many Free Spins Can You Win?

Candies with the letters FS trigger the free spins bonus. The number of free spins depends on the size of the FS symbol cluster. If you get four symbols in the cluster, you win five free spins. Each additional symbol in the cluster adds two free spins. For five symbols, you get seven and for six symbols, you get nine free spins. It always increases by two.

With close to a dozen bonus candies and features, the gameplay constantly changes. Bet up to 250 credits with coin values of a penny to $1. You can win a lot without risking much. Play Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped slots now.