Kangaroo Island Slots

G'day! We had to start with that greeting since this game takes place in Australia. You'll see a good mix of symbols in play here, and while the paytable actually looks more appealing than the main game screen, this game does still have some treats in store for you. Let's check them out right now, shall we?

How many reels and lines are involved?

This game has 10 lines in action over five reels.

Betting options

You can bet from 10 cents at the lowest end of the scale to $20 at the top end. These amounts assume you are playing on every line, since it is impossible to bet on any fewer than that.

Special symbols to look for in Kangaroo Island slots

The wild is a boomerang, and it will replace other symbols on the reels apart from the kangaroo sign, which is the scatter in this instance. There is also a Surrounding Wild feature that means every symbol appearing next to a wild will turn into a wild as well.

This doesn't always seem to trigger, but when it does you can end up with up to NINE wilds in one area of the game screen! Suffice to say, that's a really big deal, because it can trigger a great payout for you on several lines.

Bonus feature possibilities in action

There are none here aside from the Surrounding Wild feature.

Download, play and enjoy Kangaroo Island slots today!

All in all, we have to say this game is a little on the uninspiring side. We love the Surrounding Wild feature as the boomerang flies around in a circle and transforms all the nearby symbols into wilds as well. We won on lots of lines every time that happened.

However, the design is very basic. When you see the game screen and then look at the paytable, you will see why we mentioned that the paytable is way better-looking than the game screen itself. It's just a shame Merkur, the software provider who created this game, didn't spend more time on the game itself.

But with that said, the Surrounding Wild feature does make it unique. Give it a shot and see if you like the outcome. You never know, you could get some nice prizes as a result of having those wilds in place whenever you spin the reels in Kangaroo Island.