Magic Lines Slots

Betsoft is the name behind many of the internet’s top slot games. They do like their traditional slots as well as the more complex modern ones, and here you can see why that is the case.

They’ve come up with Magic Lines, a game that has elements of a classic slot in play. However, what else does it have to offer the player who wants to enjoy a wager or two?

What’s the deal with reels and paylines?

This is a three-reel slot game but we do have more than just the one payline. In fact, they have increased this number to five.

What are the bets like on Magic Lines?

Do you want to try two cents per line? You can do that easily. You can also move up to $20 a line if you really feel lucky and you have the budget to stand it. You’ve also got a double stake button. This basically means you have a shot at doubling your bet to two coins for that forthcoming spin.

Any particular symbols worth looking for?

This game is a classic, so it is all about fruit. You simply have to spin the reels to see if you can get three of the same fruit on one payline. If you can do this, you will win the associated prize in the paytable to the bottom right of the screen.

Does this online slot game have a bonus level?

No, but there is a repeater feature that is pretty interesting. You will notice the start button is actually a start-stop button, and this means you can stop the reels spinning at any time. If you do win a prize, you can try and stop the repeater to see if you can increase the amount you originally won. We tried this a few times when we won a prize, and ended up getting a larger prize because of it. Try it in demo mode first so you can see how it works.

Download and play Magic Lines slots today!

Magic Lines looks pretty simple, but the repeater feature is something that takes it out of the ordinary. If you have never tried a machine like this before, make sure you give it a go now to see whether you could win bigger prizes simply by using the extra features. You never know, you could end up with a much better prize than you ever thought was possible!