Triple 10X Wild Slots

The new 3-reel game, Triple 10X Wild Slots would be easy for players to overlook on their way to the 5-reel games, but doing so could be a mistake. With gameplay that is unique for a title with only one payline, Triple 10X Wild can pack a punch in winnings when the reels roll the right way. Like most games of its size, this title does not include a scatter or bonus feature, but it simply does not need them. This is a game that is built for the big win that bettors look for but may miss due to its size and lack of the bells and whistles found in most modern games.

A Classic Look for a New Game

Upon first look, this game appears to be just another unexciting slot with bars, cherries, bells and sevens; however, this title adds stacks of cash, wild symbols, and wilds with 3X and 10X multipliers to make the game more interesting. Recent releases by other developers have used non-traditional themes with similar play style; Loco 7's Slots by Rival and WGS Technology's Hot Chilis Slots have used a Latino theme to much success. The developers of Triple 10X Wild have stuck with a more conventional appearance in order to let the gameplay and prize potential be the focal points of the game instead of obscuring them behind a specific theme.

Wagering on the Wild Multipliers

This is a one payline slot and some players will dismiss it quickly for this reason alone, but they should take a closer look at the betting options before doing so. Coin sizes for Triple 10X Wild start at $0.01 and go up to $10; players can wager one, two or three coins on each spin giving a bet differential of $0.03 to $30 per spin. Bettors who are interested in experiencing the unique betting style of this game can find Triple 10X Wild Slots at both Red Stag and Miami Club Casinos.

Multipliers Make the Magic Happen

The strength of this game is in the three different wild symbols that players will find on the reels; the traditional wild in this title is accompanied by a 3X wild and 10X wild. The multiplying wilds can result in large payouts of a 3X win to a 30X win; three wild symbols will result in the highest wins available. A one coin bet pays 10,000X, a two coin bet wins 20,000X and a full three coin bet will result in the largest prize available, 30,000X the initial bet.

The Big Win Potential is in Every Spin

While 10X Wild may look a little outdated if only given a quick glance, this game was not created to be something pretty to watch. This is a slot title for gamblers who take their betting seriously and are in search of a fair chance at a big win. 10X Wild is a new spin on the classic slots that have been a part of the gaming culture for decades. With no scatters and no bonus games, this slot is for those who like their whiskey straight and their slots old fashioned.