Super Cubes Slots

Every now and then we come across a game that doesn’t really look like it follows the usual slot game rules. Super Cubes is one such game, which really made us sit up and take notice.

It comes from Open Bet, and it looks very different to anything you might be expecting. For example, you get a 5x5 grid of cubes (of course) with various symbols appearing on them.

What else does it have in store?

What’s the situation with reels and lines?

We have mentioned the 5x5 layout already. However, in reality you will see the information on the right-hand side has some other options in it. For example, this reveals there are actually 50 lines hidden in that grid.

Which coin values can you bet on the game?

Your stake on each line starts at a super-low one cent. You can increase this all the way to $25, but since the game has 50 lines, this would result in a monster single-spin bet of $1,250!

Does Super Cubes offer up any valuable symbols?

Some are more valuable than others. The 7 with the word wild across it is just that – wild. You could also get a solid silver space, but you want as few of these as possible as it can’t get you a win.

One important thing to remember is that lines pay all ways. This means you don’t have to get a winning combination starting on the left side and going across to the right. The funny purple character wearing a crown is the best one to get, as five of those on a line will trigger the 1,000x top prize.

Does this slot have a bonus round?

No – there is no bonus to be found here.

Download and play Super Cubes online today!

This game really is weird when you first play it. The reels don’t spin – instead everything spins round in a clockwise direction, slowing before stopping completely. You will also see static symbols that change by flashing between different symbols. These occur on the two lines that cross from corner to corner in an X pattern.

Whew – so you really need to play this game to check out how it works. It is very different from a normal slot, that’s for sure. But if you want something totally different, this could be just the game for you. And it could be lucky too!