8th Wonder Slots

Realistic Games probably isn’t a game provider you are intimately familiar with. However, they have created some great games over time, and here we have another one to take a look at.

8th Wonder is a glossy game with a nice feel to it, even though it isn’t the most complex slot we have come across on our travels. It does have some nice features though, and that means you could end up enjoying some great prizes of as much as 160x your bet amount if you hit the jackpot.

How many reels and paylines are involved?

This is quite a small game in relation to some of the others you have tried already. It has three reels and only five paylines in play.

What can you bet on 8th Wonder?

The smallest bet per spin with this game is 25 cents, but you can go a lot higher than that if you like. The biggest amount to shoot for is $100.

Does this online slot game have any special symbols in play?

Actually no, you won’t find a wild in action, nor will you find a scatter or a bonus symbol. Instead, you will find lots of gems of different colors, not to mention the number 8, which of course figures in the title of the game.

Can you trigger any kind of bonus round?

No, there isn’t a bonus round included. The game is not without at least one additional feature though. There is a chance you could get the same symbol on each position on the reels. This means you might get a double diamond in each of the nine available positions, for example. If this happens with one spin, you will double the payout you would get for that screen filled with identical symbols.

Download and play 8th Wonder today!

The main thing to remember here is that 8th Wonder does not try to be anything it is not. This is not a five-reel slot with lots of special features. Instead it is a straightforward three-reel game that has five lines instead of one or possibly three that you would normally see. This means you have a chance to enjoy some superb wins even though there are but three reels in play.

You could also get that big prize if you manage to double your win for getting the same symbol everywhere you look!