Kate’s Waddle Slots

Discover an arctic wonderland awaiting you in Kate's Waddle slots. This winter and water-themed slot accepts wagers of three credits per line, with coins ranging from a penny to $8. There are 10 lines in all, and you have to bet on all 10 lines, which leads to a minimum bet of 30 cents to a maximum bet of $240.

Things are different in Kate's world. Instead of reels, you have a 10 by 10 grid filled with symbols you'd find in the Arctic. Orcas, walruses, igloos, and polar bears are a few of the options. The penguin symbol delivers free spins or acts as a wild, and there's also a fishing boat and seagull. They're all set against a background of the Arctic Ocean and the colorful northern lights.

How Winning Combinations Form

While there are 10 lines, winning combinations occur when a cluster of matching symbols appears anywhere on the grid. You must have six or more clustered symbols to gain a prize. You can get up to 100 clustered symbols, which pays the most. Prizes vary, but this chart breaks it down.

  • Igloo – 5 to 3,000x
  • Seagull – 10 to 5,000x
  • Boat – 20 to 10,000x
  • Orca – 60 to 20,000x
  • Walrus – 70 to 30,000x
  • Polar bear – 80 to 40,000x
  • Penguin (wild) – 100 to 50,000x

Kate Waddles Her Way to Free Spins

The Kate penguin is the free spins symbol. You need at least five Kate symbols anywhere on the reels in order to win free spins When this happens, you win free spins in a smaller grid. Five Kate symbols lead five free spins on a 5x5 grid. Six symbols deliver six free spins on a 6x6 grid. It goes up to nine Kates, nine free spins, and a 9x9 grid.

During the free spins bonus, you can win additional free spins any time the orca leaps across the reels. You get three additional free spins when this happens.

Win One of Three Progressive Jackpots

Perhaps the best part of Kate's Waddle slots are the progressive jackpots. The three jackpots build continually until a winner is randomly selected to win one of the jackpots: Cash Grab, Mystery, and Super Slots.

Those jackpots are definitely one of the reasons to play. You could find yourself spinning the reels once and walking away with $50,000 or more thanks to the largest jackpot. Play Kate's Waddle slots now and wait for cold, hard cash to find it's way into your hands.