Yak Yeti and Roll Slots

Find out if the mythical Yeti exists in Yak, Yeti and Roll slots. Developed by the popular casino software developer Betsoft, this wintry slot game excites players with the chance to purchase a trip to the bonus round. Start by placing your fixed bet of 20 cents to $20. Spin the reels or click autoplay and see what happens.

There are a few things you should note about Yak, Yeti and Roll. Symbols cascade after a win. This can give you an unlimited number of wins on a single spin if you're lucky. The cascade feature also ties in to the special feature called the Snowmobile Trail that dishes up outstanding prizes. Finally, there's a gamble feature that allows you to double the prize you've just won if luck is on your side.

How Much Do These Symbols Pay?

The following paytable is based on a $1 bet. The more money you risk, the higher the prizes. Unless otherwise noted, you must have three or more matching symbols on one of the paylines in order to win.

  • 10, Jack, and Queen – 5 to 50 cents
  • King and Ace – 5 to 75 cents
  • Gloves – 15 cents to $1.50
  • Snowmobile – 20 cents to $2
  • Igloo – 25 cents to $2.50
  • Yak – 40 cents to $5
  • Dog – 50 cents to $7.50
  • Eskimo – 25 cents to $12.50 (Pays with 2 or more matching symbols in any position)

The Yeti is a wild symbol. He only appears on the second, third, and fourth reels. While he doesn't have his own payouts, he can help turn near-misses and small winning paylines into larger ones.

The Double Up Game

After a win in the base game, you can attempt to double those winnings. Click “Double Up” and decide if you want to risk all or half of your winnings. Pick heads or tails and toss the coin. If you're correct, you double the amount you risked. You can collect that prize or try to keep growing that prize by playing the game again.

All You Need to Know About the Snowmobile Trail

Each winning combination triggers a cascading symbol feature. The winning symbols explode and leave empty spaces that are filled by symbols above them and new symbols that drop onto the board. If the falling symbols trigger new wins, you win prizes. The prizes are as follows:

  • 2 cascades – 2 times your fixed bet
  • 3 cascades – 2x multiplier on any winning combination/s
  • 6 cascades – 3x multiplier on any winning combination/s
  • 7 cascades – 8 free spins
  • 8 cascades – 2 additional free spins
  • 9 cascades – 3 additional free spins
  • 10 cascades – 5 additional free spins
  • 12 cascades – 5x multiplier on any winning combination/s
  • 13 cascades – An extra free spins multiplier
  • 15 cascades – 15x multiplier on any winning combinations
  • 16 cascades – 2 extra free spins multiplier
  • 17 cascades – 200 times your fixed bet

The Snowmobile Trail is activated in both the base game and the free spins bonus round. After a losing respin, the trail returns to the beginning.

Buying the Bonus Feature

If you get tired of trying to get the free spins bonus, you can purchase it. On a $1 bet, buying the feature costs $70. This triggers the bonus round of 9 free spins and a 4x multiplier. It will increase if you get far enough on the Snowmobile Trail.

It may or may not be worthwhile. We paid to trigger it and won $42. The second time, we only one 40 cents. We gave it one more try a little while later after raising our bet to $5. It now cost $350 to trigger the bonus free spins. We also won $1,026, so it was worth every dollar we paid!

While we have mixed feelings on buying the bonus feature, the base game and Snowmobile Trail are a lot of fun. They turned out to be the most rewarding part of the game. Give it a try. Yak, Yeti and Roll slots is available in many leading casinos and is a blast to play.