Spotting Unfair Bonus Terms

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You know about casino bonuses, we're sure. Casinos create all kinds of offers to make sure their players have plenty to look at. This means everyone from a new player to someone who has played there for ages will have something to consider claiming for their next deposit.

But there are casinos that don't specialize in fair bonuses. Instead, they fudge their terms and conditions and end up with deals that are unfair on the players. We look at a few elements you should be aware of.

Bonus terms should always be understandable

You wouldn't sign any contract or agree to any terms and conditions that you can't understand. The same applies to online casino bonuses. The best sites make sure their terms are clear and make sense - and they're happy to answer any questions about them, too.

Stay alert for high wagering requirements

These should ideally stay at around 25x or under. We've seen sites with 10x wagering, and a few with no wagering and capped winnings.

Yet there are other sites that have horrendously high wagering multipliers of 70x or greater. These make it all but impossible to meet them, so you'll end up losing the bonus anyway. They often give you a short amount of time to hit the wagering too, all but guaranteeing your failure to do so.

Watch for terms that don't clarify which games you can try

When you're playing with bonus funds, you need to be sure which games are fine to participate in and which you should avoid. Slots let you use 100% of the bet to meet wagering, whereas other games may contribute less. But even then, not all slots are likely to be included.

You can see that clarity runs through all these topics. The best bet is always to make sure you visit trusted casinos that have been around for several years and are run by experts in the industry. Trusted brands never have murky or unfair bonus terms, and that's one of the reasons they're still around.

Bottom line? Read those terms and don't be afraid to back out before you sign up or claim any casino bonus. You could save yourself some cash if you do.