Stocking Stuffers Slots

Enjoy several ways to win cash when you play Stocking Stuffers slots. Bet a penny to $5 per coin and risk up to three coins on the single pay line. The most you'll ever spend is $15 per spin.

For that small amount, there's a progressive jackpot that's awarded by the time it reaches $2,500. There's a top prize of 7,500 coins, which comes out to $37,500 on a three-credit wager where the coin value is $5. Finally, there's a bonus game where you can win extra holiday cash.

Before you spin the reels, you need to set your wager. It's worth betting all three credits, but you can opt for one or two. If you don't bet three credits, you do need to know that you'll be ineligible to play the bonus game.

Symbols Found in Stocking Stuffer Slots

The holiday-themed slot game has several symbols. The lowest in value are the cherries. On a one -credit wager, they pay 2 to 10 coins. If you bet two or three credits, the prizes double.

Next up are single, double, and triple bars. They pay 10 to 80 coins with a two or three-credit wager. You get 10 coins with a mix of bars, but you get 80 coins if you get three triple bars. Cut those prizes in half for a one-credit bet.

The 7s come in red or blue. A mix of them pays 50 coins on a one-credit bet or 100 coins with the other bets. Blue pays 80 or 160 coins. Red pays 100 or 200 coins.

The most valuable symbol is the 5X wild. It pays 5,000 coins on a one-credit bet. If you bet two or three credits, you'll win 7,500 coins. It's also a wild. One on a winning line increases your prize with a 5x multiplier. Get two wilds on the line and gain a 25x multiplier.

Three Credits Turns On the Holiday Cash Bonus Feature

A three-credit bet makes it possible to play the Holiday Cash Bonus game. If you get the pile of gifts on the third reel, the bonus feature begins. This interactive choice requires you to pick items and win cash. It's easy to play and incredibly rewarding.

The final thing to know about Stocking Stuffers slots is that there is a progressive jackpot. You can win it at any time, and it's always awarded by $2,500. With many ways to win cash, this is a game you'll love throughout the year. Play this holiday-themed slot now and see how much cash you'll gain.