21 Wilds Slots

Take the symbols you'll recognize from Blackjack and turn it into a bonus slot. That's the experience 21 Wilds slots delivers. Three special symbols trigger features that offer great rewards. The amount you have to wager is also impressive and gives everyone a chance to find their comfort zone.

How much do you have to bet? Good question and the answer is going to delight most players. With the coin value set at a penny, you can activate all nine lines for just nine cents per spin. High rollers will love that the top coin value is $15. Nine pay lines will cost $135 per spin.

Win When You Lose

The aim of most slot games is to get a winning combination. Combinations can form from right to left or left to right.

While that's still your ultimate goal, if you lose, you'll win extra cash. Each losing spin increases the multiplier meter. When you finally do get a winning combination on a spin, you get the prize multiplied by the current multiplier. The meter starts at 2x and goes as high as 16x.

To break down what you stand to win, here's a quick look at the paytable. Poker symbols and card suits need three matches. The prize ranges are:

  • 10 and J – 3x to 30x
  • Q and K – 4x to 45x
  • A and Heart – 6x to 60x
  • Club and Diamond – 8x to 75x

The spade and playing cards pay a prize when you have two matching symbols on an active pay line. They pay:

  • Spade – 2x to 100x
  • Playing Cards – 2x to 120x

With a 16x multiplier in play, you could win up to 1,920 coins. Even the lowest prizes of 3 coins would increase to 48 coins. Losing is a good thing in 21 Wilds.

Discover the Three Special Symbols

In 21 Wilds slots, there are three special symbols. The Blackjack wild replaces other symbols and creates better wins.

The poker chips are a scatter symbol. Get three of them for the free spins bonus. With this bonus, you win 5 free spins. Your prizes double during these free spins.

The final special symbol is the treasure chest. It's a bonus symbol that triggers a bonus game when you get at least three of them. In this game, you pick one of three treasure chests. The two you don't pick open up to reveal what you didn't get. Your chest opens next. Cross your fingers that you have picked the most valuable chest.

For the 30 minutes that I played this bonus slot, I did quite well. A big win with four spades on a 16x multiplier put a lot of extra cash in my balance. It's a rewarding slot that is worth some time. Play 21 Wilds slots now.