Racing for Pinks

Until recently, when you hear the term “Racing for pinks” you may have been referring to the street term referencing an illegal street race where the loser hands over his car title to the winner for ownership. This practice has always been seen as dangerous and illegal. Now, when you hear the term “Racing for pinks” you can fixate on the exciting new Racing for Pinks online slots and one thing is for sure, it is a lot more profitable and much safer. Racing for Pinks has five reels and 243 ways to win. The theme is now obvious but you will find six drivers, both male and female, and they all have their own flavor of cars but they all live for the race and love to pay out huge jackpots. Play this exciting new slot game in November at your favorite Microgaming casino.

The Racing for Pinks Logo is the wild symbol and can substitute for any other symbol to create more winning chances. The scatter symbol is the Pink Lady. She gives away free spins and multipliers but only when she shows up on reels one and five. One Pink Lady reveals the number of free spins and the other will reveal the multiplier, which could be as high as 5x.

The bonus game in Racing for Pinks is unbelievable. When the Bonus Race symbol appears on reels one and five the Level-1 Bonus Race begins. A racer from each the red and blue team goes against each other in a race. If you guess the winner of the race you will win five times your wager and advance to the second level of the race. Each time you advance the prizes get bigger. There are five levels. In the final level the multiplier is 175x.

Ready, set, go! Racing for the Pinks promises to be an adventure in racing!