Super Soccer Slots

Whether you call it soccer or football, it is undeniable that right now the world is exploding with a constant fervor for the Fifa World Cup. What better way to celebrate this momentous time than by playing a soccer inspired slot game? Super Soccer Slots delivers an amazing 5 reel by 30 pay line. By utilizing the same trusted formula as your favorite slot games, this game boasts a beautiful design, soccer inspired symbols, and great bonus content you can enjoy without having to resort to a user manual. No matter how brilliant the design appears, the game is just as simple as spinning the reels.

A Ball Dribbling Design

Super Soccer Slots comes packed with unique cartoon designed symbols that will make you feel like you’re right in Rio for the games! These symbols include a kicker, a fan, an umpire, a field goal kick, a goalie, and a poor player taking a soccer ball to the face! Aside from the symbols the game is framed in a soccer field design complete with light fixtures and cheering crowds on the side.

Down to the Nitty Gritty

Enough huff and puff with the design, the game mechanics is where Super Soccer Slots really shines.You can bet anywhere from $.01 to $10 per line. With 30 pay lines this makes winning a hefty sum a much more casual experience! If the betting per line doesn't push you onto the field than prepare to be screaming goal with a $250,000 jackpot!

Go into Overtime with Bonus Features!

Super Soccer Slots offers 10 free spins that can be won the second they are tripled. Much more alluring than 10 free spins of course is The Knockout Bonus Round where you have to choose a country’s flag to win each preliminary round. If you’re lucky enough to win each round that's money right in your coffers! The round continues until you’re left with just two flags for the final match up! Each of the winnings from this amazing overtime bonus round is tripled!

It’s Game Day!

Whether you are a soccer fan or not, Super Soccer Slot offers a great looking game with an outstanding 30 pay lines and a massive $250,000 jackpot! With outstanding bonus features that will fill your wallet and an amazing design that will bring you into the game, there is no better choice than Super Soccer Slots.