Amazing 7's Slots

You think of 7s, bars, and cherries as being a classic slot game. Throw out any preconceived nothings. Amazing 7's slots is a five reel game with 25 pay lines and generous rewards. Select your coin value (a penny to $5), the number of lines to activate (up to 25), and one, two, or three credits. That's set? Hit spin.

Bet the three credits. You'll get larger prizes, so it's worth the extra. If you don't want to risk as much, you can always lower your coin value. With the coin value set to 20 cents, betting three credits on all pay lines leads to a bet of $15 per spin. Lower it to 10 cents and risk no more than $7.50 per spin.

Winnings Reach Levels of 100,000 Coins

The amount you can win depends on whether you bet one, two, or three credits. The number of pay lines is also important. On a one credit bet, you can win as much as 500 coins. Two credits pay up to 10,000. Three credits are worth 20,000. If you bet on all 25 lines, you gain the highest prizes of up to 100,000 coins. The highest prizes occur when you get five flaming triple 7's.

Even some of the less valuable prizes are rewarding. Bells and single bars pay up to 250 coins. Cherries and triple bars are worth as much as 500 coins. Flaming sevens come in singles, doubles, and triples, too. A combination of them pays up to 100. Singles and doubles filling an entire pay line pay up to 2,500 and 5,000 coins, respectively.

Ready to Play?

Play Amazing 7's slots now . If you do lower your coin value, the top prize of 100,000 coins could still lead to $1,000 in a hurry. Beyond the different prize ranges, there are no other bonuses, which makes it feel a little like a classic game with better prizes.