Good Girl Bad Girl Slots

This title suggests great things and we think you will love the theme in play here. Good Girl Bad Girl sees a split game screen where the good girl is on the left and the bad girl is on the right. One of the best features is a control option that enables you to choose between low-risk and high-risk gameplay (hence Good Girl, Bad Girl). There is also an option to choose the center ground if you want to wager two coins on every payline to make it a possibility.

How many reels and paylines does Good Girl Bad Girl have?

The game has a familiar five reels and you can also enjoy playing with a maximum of 30 paylines.

What are the minimum and maximum bet amounts?

You can get started from just 0.02 per line and go all the way up to 0.50 per line if you wish. It is also possible to play with between one and five coins on every line you want to bet on.

Will you spot any special symbols?

Yes, there are two wilds – one for the Good Girl and one for the Bad. You will need to find pitchforks or haloes to transform into the appropriate wild for that situation. Each one provides different multipliers.

If you manage to find a pitchfork right next to a halo you get to trigger a Click Me bonus on the reels. Again, the options change depending on whether you are playing in good or bad mode.

Does Good Girl Bad Girl have a bonus game?

It actually has two. One is the Double Up bonus feature. This enables you to try out a coin toss to try and double your winnings. However be aware that if you lose you lose what you won in the first place.

The other bonus round is the Money Wheel Bonus. This provides a chance to spin the wheel for a jackpot amount – which again is different depending on whether you opted for the good or bad mode.

Download and play Good Girl Bad Girl slots online now!

We particularly liked this game because it is unlike anything else we have seen. Choose whether to be good or bad when you play Good Girl Bad Girl and enjoy what happens next – especially if you are a winner!