Le Chocolatier Slots

Mouthwatering chocolates and the chance to win a bundle of cash. Is there anything more appetizing? Play Le Chocolatier slots and imagine the scent and taste of the chocolates filling the reels. With a top prize of 40,000 coins, the potential rewards are just as intriguing.

As you play the game, the chocolatier sits to the side of the screen keeping track of winnings with his old-fashioned cash register. That little details shows a lot of thought has been put into making this game resemble a real chocolate shop.

There are 30 paylines in all, and you bet up to five coins on each one. This makes it easy to set the bet at a level that makes you comfortable. Whether you're a penny slots fan or a high roller, playing Le Chocolatier slots is going to leave you feeling satisfied.

Symbols You're Hungering to See

Every symbol on the reels of Le Chocolatier slots is a truffle or sweet treat of some form. There are beautiful heart shaped chocolates adorned with a frosting flower, mocha truffles topped with a coffee bean, and standard poker symbols that are crafted from chocolate flakes.

Wilds are one of the best features on any bonus video slot. With the wild chocolate truffle that's topped with gold flakes, any winnings automatically double.

There are also chocolates that lead to free spins. These free spin chocolates reward you with up to 30 free games and a bonus multiplier of 2x. They're easy to spot as the words free spin are embedded into the chocolate candy.

The On Reels Game

While many bonus slot games require a change of scenery for the bonus feature, Le Chocolatier slots features an “on reels” bonus. When you get three or more bonus symbols, you get to choose one and see how much cash is hidden inside. You could win 75 coins in the blink of an eye with this quick bonus feature.

See if you can play Le Chocolatier slots without craving a truffle, chocolate dipped strawberry, or other tempting treat. This food-themed slot game is available now and definitely destined to become a huge hit in online casinos.