Americans see Gambling as just a Form of Entertainment

The American Gaming Association (AGA) conducted a recent poll which determined that most Americans don't see anything wrong with having a land based casino in their community and also most see gambling as a very acceptable pastime. People also think that the revenue from these casinos helps to boost the economy. One thing that wasn't covered was online casinos.

The 87% of Americans that made these claims were spot on. The casino industry is a multi billion dollar industry that does boost the economy by creating jobs and bringing in a lucrative income. How much revenue, one may ask, $37.34 billion annual national revenue, $8.60 billion in tax revenues, and national annual wages of $13.2 billion.

Nevada, due to Las Vegas leads the way by generating a casino based annual revenue of more than $10 billion but even more impressive is the fact that the 265 casinos in Nevada also pay out in excess of $769 billion in annual wages. New Jersey is next in line but is much smaller than Nevada, bringing in more than $3 billion annually.

The typical casino visitor is between ages 21-59, college grads, home owners, and looks at gambling as just another form of entertainment.