Recent Prizes at Grande Vegas Casino

We're not sure why some casinos never reveal information about their winners. We love hearing about the most recent winners and how much they picked up in prize money.

Of course, confidentiality is important, but since casinos never share more than the username or first name and initial, you won't know much more anyway. It is reassuring to see news of some good fortune from a casino, and fortunately we can get just that from Grande Vegas Casino.

Recent winners grace the home page

You'll see the welcome bonus offered at the top of the page, but you won't need to go far beyond that to get to the recent winner. A panel appears just under the offer, with a selection of names and prizes scrolling past in there.

Examples of recent winner

That panel reveals that Michael H won over $5,485 playing Halloween Treasures recently. We also discovered that Joanne K managed to net a $5,400 prize playing the new Frog Fortunes slot game.

You may have noticed that the name of the game appears with the prize amount. We like this feature as it means the site is way more useful. You might be able to see which games are hot - and by omission, which games haven't paid out much lately. This doesn't suggest future patterns, but if you like to guess which games might pay out next, it's a nice bit of info to have.

No clickthrough to the games though

Some sites do make it possible for you to go through to a game from this section. For example, Tram T won $3,930 playing Caesar's Empire. While the information stopped scrolling when we hovered our cursor over the panel, we could not select the game to go through to it.

Fortunately, some new games appear just below the panel. You can load more there too, along with reading more about them by accessing the games page from the menu.

Could you be the next person to collect some prizes from Grande Vegas Casino?

This casino is built on RTG software, so their complete collection of games comes with casino membership. While no casino offers guarantees on prize awards, this one can at least promise some of the most entertaining games around.

Slots with progressive jackpots are ready to play, and you can also expect plenty of other prizes to go for. Grande Vegas Casino certainly knows how to appeal to the players.