A Lucky Trio Takes More than $300,000 in Prizes at Black Oak Casino

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself sitting down to your favorite casino game. You make your bet, check your cards, and discover you win. That happened to three very lucky players at Black Oak Casino in September.

It was a stunning weekend for all. The first anonymous winner was playing Fortune Pai Gow when the deal revealed five aces. The prize for that five of a kind was more than $29,000. One day later, Anthony Ceres of California was playing the same game. He picked up a straight flush in the seven-card game, which landed him a $262,105 prize.

Two nights, two winners. You wouldn't think it could happen again, but it did. On Sunday, September 17, Charlie Q, also of California, got five aces in his hand. That led to a prize of more than $36,600. Simply amazing.

Fortune Pai Gow is one of the many games found at Black Oak Casino Resort. It's similar to original Pai Gow, except it adds a fortune bonus that players can make on their seven-card hand. While there are three Pai Gow tables at Black Oak, you'll also find Texas Hold'em, Blackjack, and Baccarat.

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