Will the Monkey You Choose Be the Go Monkey to Bet On?

It’s not too hard to find animals in a wide range of online slot games, and there’s yet another new game out now that features a particular type of animal – a monkey. This is Go Monkey, the new game from Specialty Games, and it looks a little different from anything you might have tried before.

The idea is to bet on which monkey will get to the top of the rope first. There are five monkeys and you get to decide whether you want to bet on one or more of them. If you manage to ‘bet all’ and they finish in a certain order, you could end up scooping some nice prizes. Look at the grid and the odds given for each outcome, and see whether you want to bet on the lot or whether you’re going to choose just one or two options. Once you get the hang of it, it certainly makes a change to the usual slots you might be used to!