Boss the Lotto

Even if you play the lottery regularly, you'll want to give this brand new online game a shot. It's from Specialty Games and it prompts you to make a bet of at least a dollar to try and win the jackpot. This could be upwards of $500,000 depending on the opening bet you make.

This game takes a little getting used to - it's unlike any slot or lottery-based game you will have seen before. Yet the idea is simple - you have to try and pick six 'good' balls with every bet and avoid the half-dozen 'bad' balls included. If you pick correctly, you can win a prize. Get all six good balls in a round and you get the option to cash out your prize, or to keep playing. If you manage to keep on going while avoiding the bad balls, your prize keeps on getting bigger… Will you have the determination to keep going and get closer to that huge jackpot? Play today and see how lucky you could get!