London-Based 888 to Launch U.S. Casino Brand

888 Casino has a long history of pleasing customers, and now those online casino gamblers in the United States can look forward to the exciting entertainment, casino bonuses, and excellent customer service that they have come to expect from 888.

2006 Congressional legislation stated that Americans could no longer enjoy the thrills of online casino gaming, but New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada are poised to overturn the laws and permit the London-based 888 holding to reestablish their ability to offer online gaming in these locales.

There are several reasons that New Jersey is at the heart of the change in the online gaming laws, but its proximity to the popular gambling destination of Atlantic City is probably at the heart of the reasoning. 888 is poised to open in the three states, the most notable being New Jersey; before the anti-gaming legislation passed in 2006, 888 was set to open up shop in the state, and they are now ready to do so again.

Expansive Gaming Choices in New Jersey

The change in online gambling laws has paved the way for casinos to apply for gaming licenses in New Jersey, and 12 Atlantic City-based casinos have already submitted applications to take their land-based gaming establishments to the next level. European casinos, like 888, have also begun applying for the chance to vie for revenue in the newly opened United States market. While this means that U.S.-based customers will have a wide variety of choices in online casino entertainment, it also means that the competition will be fierce for those who want a piece of the post-UIGEA action.

Choosing the U.S. version of 888 Casino is a great idea for American players; despite their global competition, the company’s second quarter revenues are up 5 percent. Wherever players opt to enjoy online casino gaming, the good news is that the hobby is again becoming legal in three states; hopefully this paves the way for other areas to do the same.

New Casino Entertainment on the Way

Changing laws mean that American gamblers who have the desire to play a wide variety of casino games will be able to do so. Keep an eye on your favorite source for casino news and updates to learn more about up-and-coming casinos, as well as to find out when the United States branch of 888 Casino is available for play; you won’t want to miss this exciting opportunity for legal online gaming in the United States.