Delaware Finally Says Yes to Online Gambling

After testing and retesting for a week the state of Delaware has finally approved a full online gambling service that went live the 8th of November. At that time there were in excess of 120 players that had registered to gamble in that state. That number is expected to grow significantly. All online gambling in the state of Delaware will be handled through the Delaware State Lottery who will be responsible for regulating all online activity and being in charge of the vendors that handle payment processing. The week long testing period was done to make sure that there was a smooth start. The only problems they encountered were with Visa or debit cards when deposits were attempted. Because the banks in Delaware carrying Visa cards did not have a universal code for online gaming they did not approve transactions. Mastercard users had no trouble.

Players in Delaware that want to register to gamble online can do so from their mobile phone and by verifying their location. During testing week that mobile service did generate a few minor glitches that have since been resolved. Thus far, Delaware is happy with what progress has been made but is not anticipating seeing much in the way of revenue for a while still. There is a chance that this could happen sooner than later when iGaming moves to mobile phones and tablets devices at the end of 2014. Social media could make a huge difference in what revenues Delaware sees and how fast.