As The Reels Turn Slots Series Reels You In And Holds Your Attention For Many Hours

The As the Reels Turn Slots trilogy gives you soap opera drama like never before. It also gives you a generous amount of lucrative cash winnings. These elements will certainly provide a lot of entertainment and suspense. But do you know how the story proceeds? Spin the reels and find out what happens when the symbols of these three slot titles start to show up. Hit the play button and let the drama and the games begin.

As The Reels Turn 1 Slots Lures You Into A World Of Drama And Gambling Winnings

Are you a big fan of melodramatic soap series? Do you love to see that drama oozing out of every character, and are you craving for those awkward close-ups, surprising plot-twists and overacted scenes? Then this is your big chance to experience something good, because you are going to be a special cast member of As the Reels Turn 1 Slots from software producer Rival Gaming. This dramatically lucrative 5 reel and 15 pay line i-Slot™ title boasts a variety of intriguing characters, who all experience their fair share of problems and romantic moments. Are you ready to get completely tangled up in their daily lives and make some extra dimes while you are at it? Expressive animations and alluring cash winnings will drag you into this enticing casino soap opera, which smoothly develops into a lucrative and exciting story that never seems to end, and that always manages to make you curious about what will happen next when the slot reels start to turn.

Feel The Thrill Of The Gamble With As the Reels Turn 2 Slots

Did you think that the amazing, sensational and extremely emotional As the Reels Turn 1 Slots title was finished? Then you should definitely think again, because the lights on the set of this soap opera are about to switch on again, and the dramatic soundtrack can suddenly be heard again. Do you feel the excitement rising? The long anticipated sequel to this alluring soap opera is about to kick-off. And this time it has even more winnings, romance and intrigue to offer. It also has some thrilling new characters that will stir up the pots in this dramatic sequel. How will this slot game story continue? You must be on the edge on your seat to figure that out? This is your lucky day, because you are going to discover the new and amazing As the Reels Turn plot-twists, when you spin the reels of this melodramatic 5 reel and 15 pay line slot title from Rival Gaming.

Get Blinded By Love When You Play As The Reels Turn 3 Slots

The great As the Reels Turn story continues once again in the third and last edition of this epic slot title series from Rival Gaming. Will your blinded love for this game reach a peak? It is a popular saying that the charm will really hit the third time. That could definitely be true when you play the fabulous and melodramatic As the Reels Turn 3 Slots title, because its entertaining features promise to give you three times the fun. There are lot of characters in this 5 reel game with 15 pay lines, and they can really use your help. Give them advice and help them with their many intrigues and struggles. You never know how much money the will give you in return for your services. With a little bit of luck, you could end up as wealthy as some of the soap opera characters in this slot title. With increased slot reel winnings, this thrilling title gives you a more than generous opportunity to become the new popular soap opera boss in town. So start to spin the reels and surprise yourself with the next amazing plot twists in As the Reels Turn 3 Slots.

As The Reels Turn Slots Brings You Steamy Soap Opera Drama And Large Amounts Of Cash Winnings

A good soap opera has a thrilling cliffhanger that makes you wonder what is about to happen next, and then you might also wonder when you will finally get to know what will happen. Luckily for you, there are three intriguing parts of As The Reels Turn Slots that are already waiting for you in your Rival Gaming powered gambling platform of choice. They will give you large amounts of soap opera drama and big amounts of cash winnings, so you will not get bored for many hours, and you will learn all the steamy details of what happens in the world of As The Reels Turn.