Top 5 Pirate Themed Slots

Are you ready to sail the wild and unpredictable waves of slot machine pay lines to get to the booty? Are you in the possession of sea legs, from which at least one of them is made out of wood? Do you like to drink a lot of rum and grow a beard? Then you will be more than happy with this overview of the top 5 online pirate themed slots. Embark from the safe harbor and plunge yourself into a swashbuckling adventure that has no limits and offers a sea of rewards. Always keep your eyes open during the journey, because Treasure Island might suddenly pop up on the horizon, and it possibly hides the very rewarding prize that is marked with an X on your treasure map. However, do not bring shovels to dig up the treasure, because all the booty reveals itself when you spin the reels from the slot machines.

5. Treasure Ireland Slots

What is that there popping up on the horizon? Is it Treasure Island? No me hearty, it is Treasure Ireland, and that means it could be your lucky day. Let the clover leaf pirates, treasure maps and the three slot machine reels lead you to the loot via one easy to follow pay line. While playing this game, you will experience an entertaining realistic gaming sessions, because of the excellent sound effects, the beautiful graphics and the barrage of plunder opportunities.

4. Loose Cannon Slots

Are you ready to board the Loose Cannon for an unforgettable video slot treasure hunting adventure on the high seas? The ship and its mingled crew of salty pirates will sail with you to many treasures. The journey will take you and your crew over 5 reels and towards 243 winning opportunities. On the way, you encounter wilds, free spins, scatter features, and expanding wilds that all demand your attention. Remember that your ship is called the Loose Cannon for a reason. Treat unfortunate targets with the iron of your cannonballs to gain large sums of golden coins.

3. Booty Time Slots

Raise the anchors because it is booty time at this 5 reel Microgaming video slot title with 25 pay lines. Just make sure that you collect the scatter treasure chests and the jackpot during your journey on the open seas. The pirate crew of your ship is more than happy to help you with this lucrative activity. Just make sure that you put one of them in the crow's nest to look for the wild icon, because it is booty time with this multiplier. Also let your crew scan the horizon for scatters, because they lead you to the Booty Bonus free spins feature.

2. Barbary Coast Slots

Drink a few bottles of rum, relax and let your beard grow, because you are in for a really exciting pirate adventure when you decide to spin the reels of Barbary Coast slots . Be warned however, because this is definitely not a game for a landlubber. This is a game for merciless pirates who like to defy the raging waves of the sea and leave behind a bloody path of destruction and plunder. Does that sound like you? Then get on board, because there will be enough to plunder during this lucrative 5 reel game with 30 pay lines. Captain Benjamin Sawyer is already waiting for you. Let him guide you on a legendary hunt for glorious treasures, muggy maidens and destructive pillages. And remember to keep an eye out for that pesky Blackbeard and his mischief band of pirates, because they are strongly motivated to beat you to the treasure.

1. Goldbeard Slots

With Goldbeard slots from software developer Real Time Gaming, you get everything that your sea salty hearth desires from a pirate themed slot. This 5 reel game with 20 pay lines is jam-packed with parrots, cannons ships and of course a fair amount of swashbuckling pirates. The features from this slot are desirable, as they are offered in forms of multipliers, free spins, scatter symbols and wild attributes. Of course it would not be a proper pirate themed slot if there wasn't a profitable amount of booty to be won. Setting sail to hunt for the main prize? Then the progressive jackpot and the fixed jackpots are the prizes that you need to look for me hearty. Find Goldbeard slots at United States friendly gambling platforms like Casino Titan and Cherry Red Casino.

Booty, Booty And More Booty

Pirate themed slots are some of the most popular and entertaining thematic game variations among online slot machine enthusiasts, and the top five mentioned booty enhancing slot titles are some of the best in this genre. These precious pirate slots are available in fun mode and in real play mode. Do not wait any longer. Grab your parrot and your treasure map, attach your hook and your wooden leg, put on your captain's hat, kick your seaman out of the bar and on your ship, raise the sails and get ready to spin the salty reels in search for the ultimate treasure that will make you the richest pirate of them all.