The online casino world is moving fast enough that it would be easy to miss a new entrant on the development landscape, but Makitone is a company everyone should keep an eye on. Makitone, currently working in Estonia, was created by a team of experienced developers who have been involved with long-standing companies in the business. The team has so far only released five titles but the quality and gameplay of the five is already turning heads.

A Unique Process

The team at Makitone is using the new HTML5 platform as their initial coding software, making games that are mobile ready from the outset and them converting them into the older format as needed. This reverse engineering method has shortened the time it takes for the titles to be available for both the online and mobile platforms. With many of the top companies switching to HTML5, this seems like a good way to get to the front of the pack, technologically speaking.

Standard Themes Not Standard Games

The first five games are all based on standard themes but the company is looking to add to the selection soon. Currently, players will find Caesar’s Triumph, Koi Garden Slots , Secrets of a Geisha Slots , The Gang Job and Viking Victory. The three most intriguing of the five include:

  • Koi Garden , a visually lush and beautifully done title with an audio track to match makes this game one of the best sensory experiences available in an online slot. The 5-reel game has 25 paylines, a 15 spin scatter and a “Pick Me” style bonus game.
  • Viking’s Victory , which features animated symbols and cartoonish but incredibly detailed graphics; this title includes a seven spin scatter with a 3X multiplier and a bonus game. Viking’s Victory also has 25 paylines and a top payout of 1,000X the coin bet.
  • The Gang Job, which is the most interesting of the three with its stacked symbols depicting of the members of the gang and a beautiful but dirty cop who doubles as the wild symbol. When all five members of the gang fill the reels, it triggers the bonus game, where gamblers have the chance to place dynamite on vault doors to receive cash awards and a 15-spin scatter that has a variable multiplier.

Makitone Making a Splash

Five games may seem like a small line-up for an emerging development company, but Makitone has done a stunning job with the limited group of titles. What the company has already accomplished gives a glimpse into what the future will hold for this team. By focusing on the basics of the programming platform and game themes, Makitone has set itself up well for future expansion of game innovation and quality. Makitone may be starting small but it is obvious that they are thinking large things for the months and years ahead.