Magic Slots Prove Magical in More Ways than One for Lucky Slots Player

If you visit Liberty Slots Casino , you will notice there are several games available that have the word ‘magic’ included somewhere in the title. They’re not all related to magic as a specific theme, but there are certainly some great opportunities to enjoy nice slot games with potentially great prizes on offer.

That was something one lucky player discovered recently, when Carol P won an incredible $46,250 while playing the slot game Black Magic Slots . This was just one of several magical games that were included as part of a current promotion on Liberty Slots at the time. But the word ‘magic’ took on a whole new meaning for Carol as she suddenly found herself on the receiving end of that massive prize!

How did she win it?

Well, she had a big account balance at the time – nearly $20,000 – and she said she decided to play $250 per spin. Clearly, some of that balance was there because of a special offer, because she said she wouldn’t have bet that much with her own money.

However, while she was playing Black Magic she managed to trigger the bonus round. She ended up scooping the five-figure win from just one lucky spin, and is probably still celebrating as a result!

Why is magic such a great theme for a slot game?

Black Magic is, ironically, a great example of how magical a game can be with a theme like this. You can see lots of relevant symbols on the reels, including a full moon and a wicked witch as well. These are the scatter and wild symbols respectively.

What about the bonus round that proved so lucky for Carol?

This round presents you with six crystals. When you choose them, you get to find out which cash prizes they have to reveal to you. Those cash prizes then form your winning amount for that round, before returning you to the main game. In Carol’s case, the six crystals added up to that huge prize of $46,250.

Of course, most players will end up with smaller prizes from the bonus round than that. But her lucky win does show how good it can be to scoop a huge and very unexpected prize while you play an online slot game!

Maybe Black Magic will prove to be lucky for you as well. Or perhaps you will try some of the other magical games at Liberty Slots Casino today?