Super Dad Declines Red Stag Casino's Father's Day Prize

A couple weeks ago, Red Stag Casino honored Father's Day by holding a special raffle. The top prize was a $1,500 holiday in Reno, Nevada, a town filled with casino resorts and exciting things to do. But the eventual winner of Red Stag's Father's Day Raffle - Bobby T. from Mississippi - said that he wanted to hang out with his family instead of visiting the glitzy casino hub. See his reasoning below along with the prize he got instead.

Red Stag Doles Out $1,500 Cash Prize

As an offshore marine captain, Bobby is away from his family a lot. And even though the vacation to Reno sounded tempting, he decided that it would be best to spend Father's Day at home.

"I'm sure a getaway to Reno would have been fun," he said. "But I'm away from home a lot due to my job. So I'd rather spend the money doing something with the whole family."

To honor Bobby's request to forego the Reno trip, Red Stag gave him a $1,500 cash payout instead of the vacation package.

Raffle Tickets Turn into Big Prize

Despite Bobby not being passionate about the vacation, he was excited to participate in the Father's Day Raffle promotion.

"Bobby played a lot that weekend so he earned a lot of raffle tickets," said Juliet Black, the casino manager at Red Stag. "In the end it was Lady Luck that chose one of them as the winner!"

Given that he racked up so many raffle tickets and eventually won, Bobby was asked his advice on winning a promotion such as this.

"I think the way to win is to play whatever you feel like at the moment and never get stuck in just one game."

Red Stag Casino Offering Major Rewards to Everybody

The Father's Day Raffle is just one of the many promotions that Red Stag Casino runs for its players. Every customer gets VIP treatment, including rewards like a laptop, smartphone, or tablet for the most-frequent players.

Red Stag's motto is "the drinks are on us" because they name their VIP levels and other bonuses after cocktails and mixed drinks. For example, new players are automatically enrolled in the Beer Club, which offers a 25% casino bonus up to $250 per day. The rewards only keep getting better from here.