Wisconsin Man Plays Let ‘Em Ride and Becomes a Millionaire

Wisconsin resident, Jason M., became a millionaire playing Let 'Em Ride at Cafe Casino. After betting $500 and then making two raises, he ended up with a Royal Flush and ended up winning $1.5 million on the king of poker hands.

Let 'Em Ride is a progressive jackpot poker game. You're playing against the house and want to get a better hand than the house. A pair pays 1 to 1 while a Royal Flush, the best possible hand, pays 1,000 to 1. Bet as little as $1 or the maximum $500 that Jason M. bet to become a millionaire.

New members earn a 500 percent welcome bonus at Café Casino. Plus, you get a no-deposit bonus of $10. Once you're established, there are additional rewards available, including a $100 cash bonus you get for every friend you refer to the casino.