Liberty Slots Casino Congratulates $100k Winner

It is nice to see a big winner on slots but it is even nicer to see a winner that is unemployed take a hefty win home. This was the case with a woman who played at Liberty slots casino online and won an unbelievable $100,000. The woman, known only as Miss J, gives all the glory to God for her big win, calling it a message. Miss J explains the events that led to her win. The Pennsylvania woman got some free spins playing Dragon master slots . These free spins triggered the bonus game that led to her windfall. After Miss J won, she decided to increase her bet to $225 per spin and then she won an additional $25k.

At this point, Miss J changed slot games and started on Black Magic Slots , again mastering the bonus round to pocket yet another $29k. Just a few minutes later, she won $10,000 on the same slot game. Again, she switched slots to La Cucaracha Slots and won over $18,000. Later that day, she placed her money on The Reel Deal slots and won another $17,000!

Miss J said she didn’t feel any added luck that day but her luck made her $100k richer in just one day.