Merlin's Millions Slots

Who knew that the historic and sometimes comical wizard Merlin was stowing millions of bucks in his robe? Not many people would I guess, bug Merlin's Millions Slots combines two wildly amazing yet different concepts: magic and slots. In this wonderful themed slots game, players will spin their wheel beside their favorite wizard praying upon their wands for a winning combination. Designed in a rather grand 5 reel 50 pay line format, complete with two scatter symbols, a stacked wild, and a horde of special bonus features. As a themes slot Merlin's Millions provides a wonderful dreary dungeon feel with vivid icons and a wonderful and intuitive game design. Choose your wand and let the powers of magic guide to Merlin's millions!

Special Features

Merlin's Millions is not just a boring slot game, instead it is a complex beast of a themed slot with loads of bonus features to make this game a one of a kind.

Spin a combination of 3 scatter symbol to unlock a special Free Games Feature. The Free Games Round consists of 5 free games, find Merlin and he will magically convert your other symbols into wilds! What good is a wizard without his owl? Spin three scatter owls on a line to enter into a bonus owl feature. Select collect and find your rewards! Gamble a win to earn up up to a 4x multiplier Feeling lucky? Super Bet can grant a 50x multiplier to your bets if you play all 50 lines.

Wilds and Scatters

The wild symbol is represented by Merlin on reels 2, 3, and 4 respectively. He can substitute for all symbols besides either scatter symbols. Two scatter symbols are present in the game to unlock special game play modes. These symbols are the magic orb and the owl.

Calling All Wizards

Do you jump for joy at the words Abra, Kadabra, or Alakazam? No? How about Hocus Pocus? Well even if silly enchantments aren't your thing, Merlin's Millions will keep you entertained through each magical spin of the reel. Not only entertained, but with 50 pay lines the possibilities for a jackpot is exponential! Follow a virtual path of excitement, adventure, and magic as each spin of the reel brings you closer and closer to finding Merlin's millions. A fun, themed slot game will have you up throughout the night with each click of the mouse bringing another wave of excitement. Merlin's Millions is one of the finest themed slot games, don't miss out on the magic!