Ice Queen

You will come face to face with the Ice Queen when you start playing this slot game. But could she help you towards some prize payouts?

The icy feel of this slot does nothing to diminish its welcome. It looks as if you’re in the Ice Queen’s kingdom, and there are some other fantastical characters here as well. Will you get the better of them to win some prizes?

Reels and paylines format

The game packs in five reels and it also has 21 paylines. This means you have a nice array of lines you could win prizes on with each spin you make.

What could you wager on Ice Queen slots?

The bet amounts go from 0.10 to $4 a time, so that’s what you can play on each line. So, while it is not a penny slot, the lowest bet still enables you to keep the bet low enough to cover all the lines.

Does the online slot game have any special symbols?

Yes, there is a magic mirror and this acts as a wild symbol. There are only two symbols it won’t replace, and these are the brother and sister characters featured in the game.

Can you play a bonus feature in the Ice Queen slot?

These family members are worth watching for because when they appear together, they will trigger a bonus feature to begin. The idea is to discover statues of people who have been frozen, and to free the people within to try and win prizes. This could be a good game to play if you manage to find plenty of nice rewards. Once it is completed, you are automatically taken back to the main game to begin again. The slot doesn’t offer any free spins, sadly, so you will be focusing on getting into this bonus round instead.

Download and play Ice Queen slots today!

The icy color scheme works well with this slot, where bears, snowflakes and other relevant symbols are put to good use. When you give it a try, you will see how the special symbols work and how they might help you win some impressive prizes. Will you manage to win the progressive jackpot, or will the game’s jackpot of 4,000 coins be on its way to you?

Venturing into the Ice Queen’s lair could turn out to be a good experience for you – if you are brave enough…