Hidden Loot Slots

Hidden Loot Slots is a 3x3 hold slot game in which there are three hold reel buttons under each reel. As a $1 slot with a $15 max bet, you really have to play it awhile before you get the gist of it. When you press spin, the reels at the bottom spin first. You can elect to hold one or all three of the reels, however, if you do, then the rest of the reels will come up with the same symbols as the ones you held at the bottom. So for pure enjoyment sake, unless the bottom reels show a wild icon or the Hidden Loot Logo, you’re better off spinning the reels to see what happens.

The Bonus Game

As much as I am fond of interactive bonus games, this requires great hand/eye coordination. The object of the game is to use the arrows on your keyboard to guide the Pirate up and down ladders and collect as many gems as possible. The more you collect; the better chance you have of getting to the next level. Alas, I didn’t collect enough to do so, but you can certainly play for the minimum coin denomination of two cents until you get the hang of this game. Once you do, you can increase your bet size. In order to get to this bonus game, you need to get three Hidden Loot Logos. It’s not easy, but when you do you can attempt to collect all the gems and move on to the next round of ladders. Although not a very lucrative slot game, Hidden Loot Slots is a challenging one and may appeal to those who enjoy this type of interactive activity.