Invaders Slots

This is definitely the slot for you if, like me, you enjoy the entire science fiction, invaders from another planet, we are not alone in the universe, genre of books, movies and shows. Invaders slots take a comical look at all things alien and the theme is carried out throughout the entire game. Details of the game, right down to the font selected for the information pages, are perfectly in keeping with the alien theme. The symbols are well done, the colors and features are out of this world and the game itself is just a lot of fun to play.

Getting Started

Once you get over looking at all the designs, and graphics on the reels it is time to get started playing the game. Everything you need is right under the reels so all you have to do is decide how you want to wager. This is a standard five reel 20 payline slot with a very good wager range for any player. You start by selecting the amount of each coin you want to play, which can range from two pennies to up to a buck. Then, using the buttons at the bottom of the reels, you will select the number of lines and then the number of coins to wager per line. You can choose between one and five coins for a maximum wager of $100.

Far Out Symbols

Definitely the graphics are a major attraction to this online slot. Invaders slots is full off all things alien including the planets, spaceship, crop circles, the famous Area 51 sign, the crop circle and the aliens themselves. Unlike many slots each icon on the reels is a symbol, the designers chose not to include the boring poker hand cards and instead when with high quality, completely in theme symbols.

Special Symbols And Features

The newspaper, with the “Aliens Invade” headline is the wild symbol and can substitute for any regular symbol in the game but not the other special symbols. The asteroid is the scatter and pays when you see one or more creating a winning combination. The Initiate message on the control panel icon is the multiplier that will provide you with a substantial increase in your winnings when found on an active payline. This can be up to 50x the original wager, well worth considering when placing your bet before the spin. Last but not least is the eerie icon of the spaceship hovering above the sleeping house. If you see three of these symbols on any active payline on the screen you are in for some additional winning action. You will be taken to a second screen by flying spaceships and you will select from the houses on the screen to collect a hidden prize amount.

Play Today

Besides the great graphics and really well done theme of Invaders Slots, this is a fun and action packed slot to play. I highly recommend this game for a lot of reasons but the winning possibilities and the entertainment value are certainly at the top of my list.