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Jolly Roger's Jackpot Slots

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Jolly Roger's Jackpot Slots
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Ahoy, me Hearties. Are you ready for a life full of adventure and richness? Then get on your feet you landlubber! Raise that trouble and death provoking Jolly Roger pirates flag, weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen, because it time to sail the wild high seas in search for stashes of golden doubloons and other valuable booty items. You and your loyal crew will set course on the 5 video slot reels, and follow the 50 pay lines to get to the hidden booty that is being offered in Jolly Roger's Jackpot Slots from Rival Gaming. The crew on your fine vessels consists of Captain Roger, the swashbuckling Lady Red, and the captain’s first mate. They will loyally support you in your quest to become the richest pirate on the Seven Seas.

Do Not Leave The Shore Without These Precious Slot Reel Symbols

Set out for your journey on the high seas and expect to find some trouble and some treasures along the way. Luckily you got the tools and the firepower to blast every enemy to smithereens, and to find those hidden treasures. Spin the slot reels and you will see that you have the access to a cannon that can blast holes in enemy vessels, a pistol that can blast holes in enemy sailors, a pair of cutlass swords that lets you do damage on close range and cleave your enemy to the brisket, an anchor that can put your vessel to a halt at treasure island, a treasure chest that functions as the ultimate booty, and, unavoidably, a bottle of rum to that helps you get so drunk as three sheets to the wind, while you celebrate the victory, the mayhem and the claimed booty. Just do not forget to share the rum with your crew mates as well, because the treasures could not be found without them.

The first mate is a valuable crew member on your ship, because he functions as the expanding wild icon on the reels. He replaces standard attributes in the game, and helps you to form and complete a winning pay line. The friendly and generous first mate always appears on reels one, three and five.

You can always count on the lassie Lady Red as well, because she is on board to perform the task of a scatter symbol. She will reward you handsomely when you manage to spin her three times on the reels. At that moment, she will give you a total of ten free spins. Four times the lady is an even better result, because then you will receive 20 free spins. But Shiver me timbers matey, because spinning her 5 times on the reels means an amazing free spins result of 50. And your luck doesn't even stop there, because all the free spins winnings are also generously multiplied by three.

The enemy pirate ship symbol is, as strangely as that might seem, also a welcome sight on the slot reels, because it gives you a chance to have some real action in the Jolly Roger's Jackpot Slots bonus round. Make sure that it shows up on the reels at least three times. At that moment, the bonus game will be activated. In this game, you can unleash your three cannons on enemy ships. You will receive a lucrative cash reward for every target that you hit.

Steer Your Ship Onto The Waves Of Treasure With Jolly Roger's Jackpot Slots

Prepare for some serious gambling action on the salty waves, because Jolly Roger's Jackpot Slots takes you back to an exciting period in time when the wild seas where the domain of swashbuckling buccaneers and privateers. These rough and adventurous sailors lived daring lives, as they roamed the seas in search for sea battles, pillages and legendary treasures. However, they often found many dangerous obstacles on their wavy path. But their bravery and determination never stopped them from overcoming these obstacles. Do you feel the salty blood of a buccaneer running through your veins, and will you manage to steer away from danger and sail your ship to Treasure Island? You will only find out if you raise those sails andstart to spin those slot machine reels matey.


Type5-reel, bonus, video
Coins per line1
Coin size$0.01
SymbolsAnchor, Bottle of Rum, Cannon, Captain Roger, First Mate, Lady Red, Pirate Ship, Pistol, Sextant, Skull Crossbones, Swords, Treasure Chest
Bonus roundFree Spins Feature, Jolly Roger's Jackpot Bonus Round
SoftwareRival Gaming
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