Are you tired of the same old type of slots machines to play? Well a new video slots machine released by Net Entertainments could change this. When you play Evolution video slots , you are taken into a world that tracks how you progress from inside the water to the land. The great thing is this slots machine gives you many chances to win money along the way.

Game Facts for Evolution Video Slots

Evolution is an easy game that players of all skill levels can play. slots game is suitable for everyone. The game has 5 reels and 25 paylines to win on. Players are able to win up to €1,000,000.

Another difference of this innovative game from other video slots game is the way in which the slots spin. Regular video slots game spin from top to bottom. However, when you play Evolution slots you will realize that the reels spin from bottom to top.

The symbols in this game are different than anything you have ever seen. Some examples of symbols include Albus slugus and Draconius rex. The graphics are amazing, and the symbols come to life after a win. The Evolution slots game also has the wild and scatter symbols available. Players who obtain the wild symbol can have it substituted for other symbols, except for the scatter. The wild symbol triggers the free spins round. Obtaining the scatter symbol during spins allows players to enter the Evolution feature.

Bonus Feature for Evolution Video Slots

When players obtain the wild symbol, they can enter the Free Spins feature for this game. The wild symbol will need to be on reels 2 to 5 for the free spin feature to be triggered. It is not possible to retrigger the free spin feature after playing your free spins.

Slots players will also have to obtain three symbols or more on the reels to enter the free spins feature. When they do so, they will have a chance to play from 10 to 25 free spins during this time. The game has an evolution feature. This means that any winning symbol combinations during the free spins round can evolve and change to another symbol.

So this is a great time to stop reading and play Evolution now! This video slots game will show you the future of gaming. You can have fun and win money with an opportunity for free spins.