Slotosaurus Slots

Some slot themes pop up time and time again. One of them has to be dinosaurs. So this game from Spinomenal may not be the most original one out there, but it does feature some neat elements you may well come to love. To check it out, just try it in free play mode and see whether it appeals…

Reels and paylines

It’s five and five here – five reels and just five paylines, which makes it good for beginners to this sort of game.

Bet amounts

Don’t you just love it when you know what to expect in this sense? Spinomenal definitely loves the penny bet players and they are taken good care of here. Bigger budget bidders can use a $10 max bet per line.

Slotosaurus valuable symbols

The T-Rex is the scatter here, and this is one time you will want to come up against it. If you get three of them, you will get five free spins. Up that to four T-Rexes and you get eight free spins, while five will bring home 12 free spins.

You should also look for the skeletal head of what looks like a stegosaurus. Either way, it’s a dino head, and if you find one it will be wild, replacing everything in sight apart from that T-Rex.

Bonus features for Slotosaurus

Are you familiar with the winning multiplier feature in some of Spinomenal’s most popular games? If you are, you could end up enjoying it here. A multiplier of up to 15x can be reached if you get a few unsuccessful spins in a row. The idea is the more unsuccessful spins you have in a run, the higher the multiplier will get. And in turn, you get to add that multiplier to your next prize when one finally arrives. So the longer you wait for a win, the bigger it will eventually be.

Download and play the Slotosaurus online slot now!

You may not have any free spins or bonus rounds to look forward to here, but the winning multiplier is a good addition to what would otherwise be a normal slot game. Beginners should definitely check it out, but there is enough to keep more seasoned players interested for a while as well.

These are dinosaurs you will want to see in front of you – and you wouldn’t say that in any other situation!