Nuts Commander Slots

We know – it’s probably one of the oddest titles ever released in association with a slot game. But you know, it’s actually not a bad title, as you will realize when you see the game itself.

For starters, it comes in two parts – the regular slot (with a difference…) and the bonus game. This is clearly about a squirrel that intends to make the most of its treehouse domain. Let’s follow it onto the reels to find out more.

Reels and paylines

Do you fancy a shot at winning on 100 lines? That’s the offer you have here! The reels are kept to a manageable five though.

Bet amounts

This is a penny slot, but you might also have a chance to notch up a big bet if you want to play up to $10 on each of those 100 lines.

Nuts Commander valuable symbols

The wild is a golden acorn. Three or four appearing in a winning line will add a multiplier of either 2x or 4x the prize. The free spins symbol is a golden acorn on a shield design, bringing you a 3x multiplier and 10 free games with three or more.

There is also a commando slot in the game. This is in the bottom-right square of the reels. There are four symbols that could land on this and change accordingly. If this should happen, every appearance of the relevant symbol in the slot will go commando and change to an extra wild.

Bonus features for Nuts Commander

There is a bonus game, but there is no information on what this might entail. There is a screenshot of it as the game loads, but only activating it will reveal what awaits you there.

Download and play the Nuts Commander online slot now!

This game is bound to attract a lot of people and it does provide a great experience on the reels. You will find yourself watching that commando slot, and looking to see if you can trigger some free spins or ideally the bonus feature.

Whatever happens, you do stand a chance of enjoying some great slot play with Nuts Commander. It has a fun theme and an unusual one too, we think. We can’t recall seeing squirrels anywhere else in the slot game world, can you? Keep an eye out for those characters today, and see if any of them go commando…