Candy Slot Twins Slots

This title gives you an idea of what to expect from the game before you even take a look at the screen, doesn’t it? You have the twins, of course – a couple of kids who clearly love their candy. And there are plenty of examples of said candy all over the place here, too.

So let’s see whether any of that candy could win you a prize of some sort.

What number of reels and paylines should you expect?

This is a five-reel slot but it only actually has five paylines as well, which might come as a surprise.

What could you bet on this game?

You can go from one cent to $10 per line on this game. That means you have a five-cent minimum bet on all five lines, not to mention a maximum bet of $50.

Does Candy Slot Twins have any special-value symbols?

Yes, the male twin is the scatter, and if he makes two or more appearances in one spin, you’ll win a prize. You can also get five, eight or 12 free spins for three, four or five of that twin appearing.

You might therefore guess the female twin appears as the wild, and you’d be totally right in thinking that. She will replace all the candy symbols but not her brother.

Could you play a bonus level in this slot?

There isn’t a bonus aside from the free spins, but you can trigger the winning multiplier feature throughout the game. If you spin the reels and don’t get a prize, this increases by one bar at the top of the screen. It continues to do this through non-winning spins. When you eventually get a winning one, your prize will be multiplied by whatever amount is in play at the time. It then returns to zero and the whole thing starts again.

Download and play Candy Slot Twins online now!

If you have tried a few other Spinomenal slots, you may recognize how the game is played here. You might end up with some great prizes, thanks to the winning multiplier feature which has been used before in some of the other slots. But all in all, this fun game is all about having a great time – and you are bound to do that here. You never know what you might win, and the game has enough to offer to keep most people happy.