Bovada Red Room

Bovada Casino Red Room launched in 2012. While Bovada believes every player should be treated well, there are some players who deserve a little bit extra. That's why this VIP room was created. It's only available by invitation. Those who make it in enjoy several select perks.

Lightning Quick Cashouts

You've won some cash on slots, table games, video poker, or what have you. You want that money in hand right now. Typically, it can take up to 48 hours for the casino to process a withdrawal. That's just the beginning. You now have up to 15 days of waiting for a courier to deliver your check. The only way around this is Bitcoin.

If you're a VIP player in the Red Room, Bitcoin isn't your only option. VIP players enjoy fast cashouts. When you want your money, you get expedited banking services without having to pay extra.

Head to a VIP-Only Party

From time to time, Bovada Red Room hosts special events in locations near the players. Instead of going to your computer and heading to Bovada's site, you could travel to a Bovada gathering that's only for VIP members.

All Deposit Fees Get Waived

When you make a deposit, VIP members never have to pay fees for MasterCard or Visa deposits. Those fees are waived for all Red Room players.

Double the Points

Bovada players all get comp points they can cash in for casino money. Red Room members get twice as many comp points. Say a $10 bet gets you 3 comp points. VIP players get 6 comp points for a $10 bet.

Gain Extra Reload Bonuses

Each time you deposit, you'll find another reload bonus hits. As long as you make a deposit in the past 90 days, you'll get another reward almost instantly. After that, you'll get up to seven more bonus codes each week. You do have to meet the playthrough requirements, but Bovada lowers those requirements for Red Room members.

Bovada sends out Red Room invitations regularly. The casino doesn't have any set rules on what you need to do to get invited. It's totally random, but they do say that playing often can increase the chances of the invitation committee noticing you. Join Bovada today, if you haven't already, and start playing. You could end up with your own invitation to this special VIP room.