Cubee The Travel Adventure Slots

Cubee: Time Travel Adventure is different. A comical fur cube named Cubee fights his enemy Rocco in several time periods. Between the two is a time portal where some of Rocco's helpers appear. If they come in sets of at least three, Cubee is able to devour them and you win cash.

How the Casino Game Works

Place your per spin bet with coin values starting at 0.01. You can go as high as RS50 if you want. Once the bet is placed, spin the center circle. It's a time travel portal where special things appear.

Bones (red), Casper (green), Lucifer (blue), and Spike (yellow) are the enemies that appear in the time portal. The energy balls also appear there. You get payouts of 0.5 to 40 times your bet when Cubee devours at least three of these characters. If you're lucky enough that the portal has eight of the same character, you win the full 40x.

The more enemies he devours, the stronger he becomes. The goal is for him to devour each color of monster. Once that happens, clubs start to appear in the center bubble. Cubee uses these weapons to battle Rocco. When he beats Rocco in one time period, they'll move to the next. The time periods are:

  • Stone Age
  • Era of Piracy
  • Viking Age-Passing
  • Cubeeland

Special Happenings Occur Starting With the Pirates

After the Stone Age, there's a special perk received in each level. In the Age of Piracy, cannons may appear in the center bubble. Each cannon adds one to the free spins counter. Swords are the weapon in this round. Once you've beaten Rocco, you have your free spins totaled for later use. And, you move to Viking Age-Passing.

In Viking Age-Passing, battleaxes are used to defeat Rocco. You also have bows and arrows that add to a new counter. This new counter is your multiplier.

Now that Rocco's been defeated, you're back in Cubeeland where you get your free spins and multiplier. The free spins start and are multiplied for huge wins. Don't be surprised to find yourself willing prizes like RM20,000 or higher with almost every spin.

Not only is Cubee: Time Travel Adventure rewarding, it's also packed with surprises. You never know what will appear in the time travel portal. You can find yourself gaining thousands of dollars on your first spin. If you're in the mood for something unique when you're searching for online casino games, don't miss this one. Play Cubee now.