Cubee: Time Travel Adventure is not a slot, but it's also not quite an action game. This game is nothing like you've seen before. Cubee is an adorably furry cube who never has a dull moment. In each level of this casino game, you're betting cash and seeing what appears in the circle. Cubee may have energy balls or enemies to devour or weapons to use while conquering his enemy, Rocco.

Rocco is equally odd and definitely grumpier. The horned monster travels through time with Cubee. They battle on a pirate beach, the Stone Age, Viking times, and in their home of Cubeeland. As Cubee advances through levels and times, you'll start collecting arrows for free spins and cannonballs for multipliers. You might find yourself with 20 or more free spins and a 10x multiplier that can lead to winnings worth hundreds of thousands.

Even in the base game, Cubee delivers a lot. You can collect cash prizes worth up to 50,000 times your per-line wager. This makes it one of the most rewarding games out there, and it's available for a bet as small as RM 0.10 per spin or as high as RM 50.

Cubee: Time Travel Adventure is a charming and very rewarding game. It's one that players don't want to miss. It's not like most casino games, it's unique and more rewarding than the majority of online casino games!