Halloween Slots and Bonuses

Every year, as the summer months smoothly transition to fall and then winter, holiday-themed Slots come back into vogue. The first major holiday after summer is Halloween, and online gaming casinos usually see a surge of gamers to these insanely-fun and visual Slots. Now that so many casinos are opening up to USA players, you can try your hand at winning some of that Christmas money if your luck holds out. There are Slots such as Haunted Reels, Count Spectacular, Monster Money and Halloweenies Slots. Try your hand at them on your desktop, laptop of mobile device - join the holiday fun!

Halloween Bonuses

halloween candy casino treats What is Halloween to you? Is it a holiday where you head to the Halloween Spirit Store to stock up on costumes, decorations, and candy? Is it a night for creepy horror movies featuring your favorite bad guys like Michael Myers from Halloween The Movie, Jason from the Friday the 13th series, or Freddy Kruger from A Nightmare on Elm Street. You might prefer to spend time checking out slot games based on comic books that Diamond Comics distributes.

The origin of Halloween goes back the Celtic Samhain festival. Thousands of years ago, the Celts lit huge fires and dressed in unusual costumes in the hopes of keeping ghosts away. It became known as All Hallows Eve when a pope designated November 1st as a time to pay tribute to the saints. Today, it takes place on October 31st and is a time for kids to trick-or-treat in costumes they make or buy at Halloween costume stores. It's a time for the Halloween parade in NYC and jack-o-lantern carving. When you need to relax from the busy activities, check out these Halloween slots.