Spin or Reels HD Slots

Spin or Reels is a puzzling name for a slot. It makes sense, of course, but what does it actually promise?

As it turns out, it has all the features you’d expect from a classic three-reel casino game, but it marries those up with a modern take on those games. Let’s find out more now.

Let’s check out the reels and paylines

The slot offers up five reels and 20 assorted paylines.

Sample bet amounts

It looks as though you can get started from two cents per coin here. You can however play up to five coins per line. The biggest coin size is a dollar.

Does Spin or Reels have any special symbols in action?

The game screen is large and complex, as it takes on the usual three-reel design of having the pay table above the reels. Yet with five reels below, it is worth taking a few minutes to check out your options.

There are various classic symbols in action, including bars, sevens and various types of fruit. However, we couldn’t spot a wild here. The only special symbol that seems to exist is the Spin and Reels logo. Five of these on a line will scoop you the progressive jackpot, providing you are playing five coins on that line at the time.

Can you look for a bonus round?

Well, there is an additional wheel to spin at the top-left corner of the game. It would appear you have to spin this with a wager of 60 credits or more. You then get a chance of the needle stopping on any of the prize segments. These go up to 100k, which is presumably the multiplier given on your bet.

Download and enjoy a game of Spin or Reels today!

It is very early days for this game, and it is so new there is little information around online for it. However, you should definitely take a closer look and see whether you might like to check it out in more detail.

If you are ready to make a bet or two on the game, Spin or Reels awaits you… and when you think about it, the presence of that wheel along with the reels does make sense of the title. It’s bright, it’s unusual and despite the lack of a wild, this game could just be a new popular one among slot players everywhere.