Sheik Yer Money Slots

What a great title for a slot, don’t you think? And when you give this one a try you can see for yourself how appealing it is. We’ve seen more detailed games for sure, but the theme works well and Barcrest (the game creator) has definitely delivered a bright and shiny-looking game to get your teeth into.

Watch out for the Sheik peering in from the right too, as he might just bring you luck!

Let’s start with reels and paylines

Things are pretty simple here – five reels, ten paylines.

Coin values in play in Sheik Yer Money

You’ve got a one cent start here so it’s good to play from ten cents a pop. You can also rack up a much bigger stake per spin if you like, heading up to $50 a line.

What about any Sheik Yer Money special symbols?

The wild is a glossy purple and gold symbol that says just that. There is a mystic lamp that can appear as well, which is a special symbol as it can transform into anything else. If you have more than one lamp on the screen after a spin, they will all transform into the same thing.

Is there a bonus round?

You can look forward to a Sheik Shake if you’re lucky. This happens when the Sheik appears and shakes up the reels for you. You will automatically end up with a winning combo in this situation.

There is a chance of getting mystery symbols when you play the Big Bet Stake game. This means you opt for five linked spins instead of one at a time. The normal spin button is green, while the Big Bet one is purple and appears above it. If you choose the Big Bet option, you get to decide which bet level you want to go with. This in turn will give you a chance to find out how many mystery symbols you will have in those games.

You will also enjoy locked mystic lamps whenever they appear, which could mean you get lots of wins in a five-spin group.

Make sure you download and play Sheik Yer Money slots today!

There is no autoplay on this which is a shame, but that’s a minor niggle. Really, this game is great to play and has lots of features. Why not give it a try to see whether you love it as much as we do?