Cleopatra: Last of the Pharaohs Slots

If you had to pick one of the most popular slot themes online today, what would you say? Chances are you might think of the ancient Egyptians, and all the exotic features that can be seen in a slot set in Egypt.

And today we have yet another Egyptian slot for you, in the shape of Cleopatra Last of the Pharaohs. Will this deliver an experience that is a little different, or will you move on to try something else instead?

Is there a good number of reels and lines in play?

There are five reels and 10 lines set into a brick building that could be a tomb.

What are the betting options?

You can bet four credits on each line at the minimum, which means betting every line would cost a minimum of 40 credits. There is the ability to move that up to a much higher level though – as high as 1,000 credits per line.

Does Cleopatra Last of the Pharaohs have any valuable symbols?

Of course, the wild had to be Cleopatra, and she does assume this role. But she is also a scatter, and she could show up on the first, third and fifth reels to give you some free spins.

Is there a bonus feature?

You’ll see a pyramid at the start of the free spins feature. You pick blocks on the pyramid to move up to higher levels. You may also reveal stacked wilds, which will trigger the game.

When you play the free spins, they can be locked if you get an ankh on reel five. This means you continue getting free spins even though the counter stops counting down. You also receive 5x your bet. When a Bastet appears, the counter starts up again.

If a spin doesn’t win you anything, you might be loucky and get a sandstorm that will blow through and bring a win.

Download and play Cleopatra Last of the Pharaohs now!

Okay, so while the theme isn’t original, there are some nice features in this game. The free spins are worth playing for, especially as they start differently and you could freeze the counter as you play, too.

Give this game a try now and see if you can win anything with a little help from Cleopatra. You might end up being quite surprised by your results if the luck is with you as you play…