Zoom Slots

Okay, so the first impression you get of Zoom might be that it looks a little flat and uninspired. But let’s not forget that first impressions can be very misleading! This game is well worth looking at in more detail, particularly because it brings you a chance to enjoy something that’s just a bit different.

What can you expect in terms of reels and paylines?

There are six reels in play here, and four levels to the grid. The game rules reveal ther are 64 fixed paylines you could win on.

Does Zoom have a good range of coin values?

Click on the chip to the bottom right and you will see you have 14 bet amounts to choose from. The smallest one is 10 cents, but you could go through the others to reveal the biggest bet of $100.

Can you expect to see any special symbols?

The wild is indicated by that word. It replaces everything else the game has as a symbol, apart from the Zoom symbol. This is a scatter that appears as a large Z and when it appears, it will expand in size and award you a re-spin.

There are six areas to the screen, as you will see. If you get a scattered Zoom in four areas in a block, you will get a Super Massive Zoom. This takes up 16 separate squares!

Is there a bonus level to find?

The main bonus feature here is that chance to get a big Zoom symbol on the reels. When this happens, the re-spin you get will enable everything to spin again on the reels, but that large square remains in place. This means whatever spins into place there will give you an equally-big symbol and a better chance of winning one or more prizes.

Download and play the Zoom online slot today!

It’s a good job this game has a free demo mode, because this gives you a chance to get used to how to play it. After a while though, you will probably want to give it a try for real. With massive symbols appearing all over the screen, you could just end up with one of the biggest prizes the game has to offer.

The game feels different and looks different, but it is definitely a great experience and is well worth looking into if you haven’t yet tried it.