Spinning Fruits Slots

Novomatic has been behind some of the more exciting slot games of late. They are really making a name for themselves, thanks to their dedication to a wide variety of slot ideas.

This game doesn’t disappoint, even though at first glance it may look a little disappointing. Don’t be fooled though – it has way more on offer than you’d initially believe.

What can you expect in terms of reels and paylines?

Okay, so this is a five-reel game, but where are the paylines – and how many are there? Well, actually, there aren’t any. The game works by awarding scatter pays, so the prizes are worked out according to however many appearances you have of a particular fruit – no matter where they fall.

Does Spinning Fruits have a good range of coin values?

You play from one cent to $50 per coin, and the game assumes there are 10 lines for the purposes of working out your bet amount.

Can you expect to see any special symbols?

Each symbol is either a low, medium or high prize-winner. Click on the pay table to reveal where it sits in the mix, and what the prizes are worth. You have to get five or more of a particular symbol to win a prize. Needless to say, the biggest prizes are for 15 – which means completing the entire grid with the same symbol.

Is there a bonus level to find?

You can enjoy at least one free game if you get seven of the same symbol appearing on the reels. You get one game initially, but if you score another seven or more matching symbols, you will get another game, and this can carry on depending on how lucky you are.

The good part is the initial matching symbols are held for the free game. This means you only need to get one more at least to trigger another game. If you did get another one, this is held along with the original ones so you get another shot at winning.

Download and play the Spinning Fruits online slot today!

This is certainly an unusual game. There is no wild and no bonus symbol, but everything you do see is a scatter! That hasn’t happened before in an online slot as far as we are aware, which does make this very different and appealing to try. Why not have a go now and see what you reckon?