Reel Attraction Slots

There are plenty of puns you could come up with based on the reels in a slot game. Here, Novomatic has chosen the title Reel Attraction for its latest game, but will you be attracted to it in the way they hope?

The game definitely looks pretty stunning, with eye-catching graphics and flashy colors, but is that all it has to offer? Let’s find out what else it could bring you here.

What’s the situation with reels and lines?

You won’t be surprised to find there are five reels in play. The amount of lines used is quite familiar to experienced players too, with 20 of them in action.

Which coin values can you bet on the game?

There is quite a big range to choose from here. You can start on a cent per line and go to as much as $50 if you like.

Does Reel Attraction offer up any valuable symbols?

Okay, there are two wilds for starters. There is a mad professor sort on one of them, holding a magnet. There is another magnet on another one, and as you might guess, they can react with each other. The professor appears on the first reel and expands, too. If there is another magnet on another reel, that reel moves to the left. Check this game in freeplay and you will see what we mean.

The scatter is a yellow potion against a green background – the one symbol a wild cannot replace. Three or more will win you a total of 20 free games.

Does this slot have a bonus round?

No – the free games are the only bonus element in play here.

Download and play Reel Attraction online today!

So really, the main feature you can look forward to when the Reel Attraction game is playing is the magnetic wilds, which trigger the Reel Slide feature, as it is known. You won’t always get magnets on other reels when the professor appears on the first one, but when you do get this feature it does increase the odds you might win something. And of course, it works as a standard wild as well.

Why not try your luck with Reel Attraction today, and you can see whether the reels really do attract each other! You never know whether you could get a stunning result if you manage to get some free spins or attracting wilds!