Fire and Ice Slots

Few games look quite as impressive as this one. Fire & Ice comes from the Spinomenal stable, so if you have played one or two of their games before, you might have a fair idea of the quality you can expect.

But how does fire and ice feature in this game? Well, one character on the left is clearly a fiery person, while the icy one on the right looks to have frozen her side of the game.

What number of reels and paylines should you expect?

The game packs in five reels and 40 lines in total.

What could you bet on this game?

If you have already tried a few Spinomenal games, you will be familiar with the fact they have a minimum one-cent line bet and a top bet of $10 per line. That’s the case here, too.

Does Fire & Ice have any special-value symbols?

The flaming angel may burn an icy creature and transform it into his equivalent in each spin. The same can be said in reverse, if the frost angel transforms the fiery creature into his likeness instead. The wild angel appears if the same symbol is both burned and frozen at once – ouch!

There are three wilds – one frozen, one fiery and one that is split between the two. You may also see some free spins symbols, which can get you into a free spins games process. You could win up to 10 free spins here, not to mention a maximum of 20x your bet, depending on the outcome and how many icons you get.

Could you play a bonus level in this slot?

There is a bonus symbol, and three of these will win you entry into the bonus feature. No further information is provided about this, so you may just have to hope you can get it… you never know what may await you on the other side…

Download and play Fire & Ice online now!

We thought this game had more than enough features to keep most players intrigued. The ability for some symbols to change even once the spin is complete is a good one, and you could end up winning more because of it.

They’ve also packed in free spins and a separate bonus level, so you can see there is more than enough to enjoy here. Make sure you enjoy every minute of it!